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Tricky Interview Questions

You will come across some tricky interview questions when it comes time to interview for a job. It may seem as though some job interview questions are designed to put you “on the spot.” To a certain extent they are.Peculiar and indiscriminate interview questions may not seem politically correct, but there is always an interviewer ready to throw one at you, and they expect an answer as well.Interview Questions

Here are 10 tricky interview questions, in no particular order, that you may encounter on a job interview:

Tricky Interview Questions

1. “Why should I hire you?”
Real question: “Who are you?”
Do: Stick to how suited you are to the job.
Don’t: Go into your life story.

2. “If you won the lottery, how would you change your life?”
Real question: Are you altruistic? What is your work ethic, values?
Do: Be honest; let them know you would be elated.
Don’t: Say you would work just to have something to do, or you’d never work again.

3. “What do you think about your interview so far?”
Real question: Can you provide practical feedback? How would you do things differently without being too analytical?
Do: Be aware that your resolve is being tested. Answer calmly, and if you can throw in a bit of intelligent humor, they may even start to like you.
Don’t: Get nervous or jittery.

4. “Where do you see yourself in the next few years?
Real question: How motivated are you?
Do: Speak about your individual abilities, experience and training.
Don’t: Say you don’t know, or talk about how you “tried” so hard before but now you’re ready.

5. “Tell me something negative you’ve heard about the company.”
Real question: Are you objective? Are you a factual person or a gossipmonger?
Do: Say, “you wouldn’t apply at company that you object to.” It is true isn’t it?
Don’t: Talk about rumors.

6. “How good are you at handling pressure?”
Real question: Are you going to run out on us when the going gets tough?
Do: Keep your composure and speak about the time you aced a project within short notice. Or something similar.
Don’t: Go too far back to grade or high school.

7. “Who do you think is a good role model and why.”
Real question: “How do you see yourself?”
Do: Speak about the individual’s personal characteristics and how they are similar to your own.
Don’t: Get too personal, or say “because we wear our hair alike.”

8. “Have you ever considered running your own business?”
Real question: “Can you work independently? Does someone have to constantly look over your shoulder?”
Do: Speak about how you work best in a company like the one you are applying to.
Don’t: Babble on about how you’d love to own your own business. Even if you do.

9. “How do you feel about your boss’s performance?”
Real question: “Do you take things too personally, or are you earnestly impartial.”
Do: Discuss admiring qualities like how they motivate the team, and make decisions. What if you don’t like the boss’s performance? If you want the job, you may have to “grin and bear” this question.
Don’t: Start dissing your boss, even if it’s true.

10. “What is the last book you read?”
Real question: “Are you the type of individual that can be focused and in depth?”
Do: Speak about a book that reflects your good qualities, preferably by a reputable author. If you’re interviewer has heard of them, that’s even better.
Don’t: Talk about a book you haven’t actually read.


  1. Meggie@employee stock purchase plan

    These are good interview tips. I have never been a good interviewer, I went on 20 or so interviews before I got my current job, and I was lucky to even get that. Now that I have more job experience I am hoping I am able to open up and have better interviews because I am ready to find a new job.

    My biggest tip from being someone who interviews people at my current job is to go in with some knowledge on what the job will be and to ask questions about the job and the company. This shows interest and engagement in the job and will help you stand out from the nervous people who just want to get out of there

  2. Jacko @ Web Page

    Very good post. I have had the pleasure of being on both sides of interviews and one of my favorite questions was always, “what is the thing about your self you don’t like.” I used to always be stunned until I realized the point was to show how you respond to adversity and your willingness to improve.

    Good article the discussion is needed.

  3. Tony Preet

    It was truly a tricky interview questions. I think that many people would also have some difficulty on answering those questions. I know that being able to learn about those questions would be a great advantage.

  4. Scott

    I have been on many job interviews throughout my life…..I sure wish I had had this information prior to those. I have never been asked the Lottery one, but I could see where that would help on hiring someone. Thanks!


  5. Robert@Phone service

    Thanks for compiling such tricky and important interview questions. It will be helpful for a fresher like me, who are so afraid of going to an interviews.

  6. Ina Kristin Lao

    The tips are very good. I have experienced some of the questions being sited here and I had the unfortunate experience of having a hard time in answering the interviewer. Now, I may ace the interview with these tips. Thank you. These will really help me a lot in landing a good job.

  7. Praveen@DSC 2012 Notification

    Great Article!!! Iam going to attend for an interview within few days…this article helped me to prepare well for this type of tricky questions..Thanks for sharing :-)

  8. Matt@VPS Hosting

    ‘Tell me something negative you’ve heard about the company.’ This is seriously tough and its really hard to respond at the other hand… the honest answer work most of the times.

  9. ray@how to make money

    some great tips and advice for any job interviewer…not knowing interview questions can be a terrible experience….

  10. Will

    Good tips for those tricky questions… I consider myself a good pro but always feel insecure at interviews… would have liked some more extra info on the why of do’s and dont’s, though

  11. Mike Reeson

    I’ve always dreaded the where do you see yourself in the next few years question. It tends to fluster people. Speaking about training and experience is a great way to look at it.

  12. Kyle@Exercise Video Games

    I’ve always hated when they try to get you to name a salary before they do. Always try to brush it off and get them to put an offer on the table.

  13. Trevor@Vanquis

    This is a great rundown! I’ve been asked at least half a dozen of these in various interviews so it’s nice to see I didn’t make too bad a hash of things!

  14. Steve@englischer sprecher

    Great tips. I’d also add try to show your creativity & understanding of the firm, you could mention something that shows you have read up on the firm (if the company has received an award for example). When I’ve interviewed people I’m surprised how some have no idea of the company they are wanting a job from. And ask questions – again it shows you are interested.

  15. pengobatan alami wasir

    it is very complicated question, with the article I could catch and study every question, thank you

  16. Jason@GuarantorLoans

    Its amazing how there is always a hidden question within a question, this post helps to uncover the hidden question. Thanks for sharing this!

  17. Matt Steffen

    Great post!

  18. Thomas

    Wow that was just what i needed to hear right now. Just fininsh college and have my job interview in two days. now when i got some tips i am calmer. Still…. it will be traumatic experience.. or not, we will see:)

    Thank You

  19. Niki Kole@Business Ideas

    Wow, this is very nice article. I have been asked some of these questions :) on an interview. Especially this one: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?… I always answered “I don’t know…”

  20. Praveen@Orkut App for iPhone

    Yes these are really tricky…i prepared well for the interview but i forgot all the answers. Do prepare well friends before attending an interview. Thanks for the share mate :-)

  21. Steve@Westminster Toyota

    Thanks for sharing these tricky questions, I will prepare according to them for my next interview and hope to be successful this time.

  22. Kyle@New Human Resources Classes

    The role model question is key with many interviewers because it’s a great leadership characteristic if the person’s had a role model, whether it’s a parent or business mogul. It shows a humbleness that can prove that person’s willingness to lead and work well with others.

  23. printer toner cartridges

    These are the really good question for everybody. These are helpful for experienced person as well as a fresher also so thanks for sharing these helpful article .

    Prash patel

  24. Jessica@BTB Running Sunglasses

    Wow! Thanks for posting this article. I was testing myself as I was reading the questions and I ended up answering with a lot of the “don’t”s. Thankfully I’m not in the position of needing to be interviewed in the near future but considering I’ll be the one doing the interviewing I think I need to brush up on my interviewing skills. Maybe I’ll even come up with my own tricky questions :)

  25. Kristina@SEO blog

    “How good are you at handling pressure?” – some interviewers don’t ask this question, they just check it by putting pressure to the interviewee. This is called “stress interviews”. I haven’t met such kind of interview yet (and hope will not) but I think they are reaaly owful and cruel.

  26. Jac

    Very informative, I have experienced being interviewed and it was my first time, I didn’t realize until reading this post. I could use this for my next interview. Nice tips.

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