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Sample Job Interview Questions & Answers

interview questionsDo you have a round of job interviews coming up? Are you nervous about what kind of things your new prospective employer is going to ask you? Put your mind at ease and gain confidence by reading our sample job interview questions and answers! They’ll help you make your next interview a success.

Once you’ve gone through the basics of your employment history and educational background, your interviewer will most likely start asking you some specifics about your previous jobs. They’ll be looking to see what strengths and weaknesses you have and how you handle stressful situations. Here are some sample job interview questions that your new employer may ask you regarding this area:

Interview Questions

Question 1. What challenges did you face in your previous position and how did you resolve it?

Answer: Your prospective employer is looking for specifics here. Don’t generalize. Be prepared to tell them about two or more concrete examples of problems you faced in each of your previous jobs and how you solved or helped to solve those problems. You want to be able to give as much detail here as possible without sounding negative. Your interviewer wants to see that you can handle problems while still keeping a good attitude about your work. You also want to avoid bragging. Tell what you did to help resolve the problem, but don’t make it sound like you’re a one-person show. You need to be able to demonstrate that you can work as a team player when resolving issues. Remember, how you answer job interview questions says more about you than what question appears to be asking.

Question 2. What mistakes did you make in your previous position and how did you learn from them?

Answer: The key here is honesty and humility. Be ready to talk about a couple of times when you failed to perform or make the right decision. Everyone makes mistakes on the job and your interviewer knows that. If you pretend like you’ve made a mistake, they’ll assume you can’t take responsibility for your actions. The way to turn this question into a positive is to show that you have learned from past experiences. Think about what you did wrong in your past jobs and give a definite answer to how you could have done things better. Show that you are committed to continuous improvement in your work ethic, professionalism, and accuracy in performing your job duties. Remember, your new employer only makes money when you do your job correctly and they have to know that you are willing to do what it takes to learn how to do your job better and better.

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  1. SavvyShopper@Shopping

    Good points. It’s always a good idea to go into a job interview prepared with answers to questions like this that might otherwise throw you if you don’t have an answer already in mind. Preparation also helps you keep your cool and think clearly so you can come off in the best possible light.

    I remember an early job interview that I couldn’t believe I landed a job from, and with a great deal of competition. I was late for the interview because my house had been broken into the night before, and was totally flustered by the whole experience. I think I was thrown off just enough that it actually allowed me to relax, thinking I wasn’t going to get the job anyway, and I answered the questions with the humility you mentioned, in total honesty. I was shocked when they offered me the job! It definitely pays to give the interviewer what they want, even though in my case I had no idea I was doing just that.

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