Dec 27

Preparing for an Interview – Part II

Now that you have landed an interview or two with the potential company of your dreams, don’t blow it by messing up on one of the most important things, interview questions. You already know that your interview can make or break your chances of being hired, so instead of coming across as overly nervous or desperate, the key is to be prepared. If you are prepared, you will feel much more comfortable because you know you’ve done everything you can to do well in your interview. In fact, the more prepared you are, the odds of acing the interview are significantly more in your favor.interview questions

You know that you need to look good at the interview, so dress nicely and look professional. You know you need to engage in conversation and be as relaxed as possible. The way to do this is to practice! Before you go in for the interview, rehearse ahead of time. Make a list of questions that have come up in past interviews, or consult websites that can give you tips on common interview questions and how to answer them. You will more than likely be nervous, but this is the time to work right through the fear. If you let your fear and nerves take over, you cannot possibly bring out the best in your conversation or your personality.

When you have a list of possible job specific interview questions and the most common interview questions put together, stand in front of a mirror and rehearse your answers. Don’t be too long-winded, but don’t give one word answers either. Do your homework about the company. Odds are, there is at least one website out there and you can read up on the company and its history in great detail. Be sure to get a really good feel for the atmosphere and type of employees that work there so the employer feels that you can easily assimilate into their family. Doing research on the company can also aid you in asking some specific interview questions for the employer to display your serious interest in the company.

The last thing you want to do is be dishonest in an interview. It will make you uneasy and the interviewer will pick up on your vibe from a mile away. This is another reason for rehearsing your interview. It will help get you through tough questions. For example, if you are asked why you’ve been unemployed for the past six months, let the potential know that you haven’t been just sitting around watching TV. Tell them what you’ve done to advance your skills or education, and give them a good reason as to why you left your last position. Maybe it was due to a layoff. Whatever the circumstances, prepare your answers ahead of time.

If your interviewer is very professional and serious, then adapt your tone to match their tone. If they are more casual, be polite and professional, but a bit more relaxed. Follow their lead. If you don’t know what to say at a joke or even know if the person is joking, stay quiet and smile.

Don’t talk too much as you will be inclined to give out way too much information and it might hurt you in the long run. The less you say, the better. Even if you don’t feel it, you want to try to give the impression of confidence in yourself and your abilities. You don’t want to boast and brag, but provide facts, figures and/or examples of prior accomplishments. Do not say anything negative about past employers.

It is better to be more reserved and professional than to say too much, say the wrong thing or break out into nervous laughter. The more reserved and professional, yet polite and warm you are, the better of an impression you will make. Don’t be overly friendly or start telling your deep dark secrets, just focus and keep the conversation on track.

For those tough interview questions, be prepared and rehearse before the meeting. The more you rehearse, the better prepared you will be and the more comfortable you will feel, and that will make all the difference.

Imagine the interview ahead of time and go through it in your mind, with nothing but a successful and positive outcome. The more you do this, the better you will do with the interview questions and the better your chances of landing the job.


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  2. Undrews

    Ability to interview is the art

  3. Henriech F. Mata

    This is gonna big help to anyone who does not have any guts in interview..Thank’s for this Im gonna apply it also to my self i learned alot in this blog..

  4. hrnasty

    Great advice. Thanks for posting. As a recruiter, I couldn’t stress the point you made about candidates standing in front of a mirror and practicing your answers. The candidate may have the right answer in their mind, but if they don’t look at the interviewer while giving their answer, or look like they don’t have the confidence, it won’t work. Your emphasis on practicing answers is KEY!

  5. Jacko @ Web page

    Yeah if you are reading this blog you are going to do fine on your interview. The problem with interview performance is preparation. Focus be yourself and smile.

  6. Robert@Free Work at Home Jobs

    This is great!!! I can tell you that interview questions can be overwhelming or nerve reckoning but from reading this you can learn from it.

  7. Matt@Free VPS

    Controlling emotions and smartly answering to the question is really a major thing to consider while being on the interview seat… This is really an art that you defined!

  8. samia

    You need to a good job. Interview question is very impotent for everyone. This post so informative for every new job finder.
    Thanks for grate post.

  9. Tabby H

    Thanks alot! I’m one of those who when I go for an interview I just seem to get so nervous.. it’s crazy!. Really unlike my self and no matter how good I am at my job I just choke I guess. Thanks somuch! for this really helped me out. I searched and used alot of books and found no real help then found this great information

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