Oct 13

Most Common Interview Questions & Answers

interview questions

Getting a job isn’t easy right now. Employment is down and there are more people competing for jobs than ever. How can you make sure you get the job? Prepare for your interview ahead of time by studying our list of most-asked basic job interview questions and how to best answer them.

Interview Questions:

1. Where did you last work? What were your duties? How long did you work there?
Answer: These are pretty basic questions, you want to be able to give as much detail as possible. As you move from job to job, update your resume so that you can remember everything about your past jobs. The interviewer wants to see if you’ve cared enough about your past positions to remember the details of them. If not, they’ll suspect that you won’t care much about the current job being offered to you. They’re also looking for as much information about you as possible in order to help them make their decision. If you can’t give them details about your past employment and someone else can, chances are they’ll hire that other person instead of you.
2. Did you enjoy your previous job? Why or why not?
Answer: If you didn’t like your last job, it’s fine to mention that, but be careful. A lot of the questions your prospective employer will ask you in job interviews is an effort to evaluate your attitude toward work. So when you answer this question, be sure to focus on the positives of your previous jobs rather than the negative. If you do need to say that you didn’t like the job, make sure you talk about what you didn’t like about the job duties themselves. Never bad-mouth a previous boss, company, or your former co-workers. If you do, your interviewer will assume you will find a reason to have a bad attitude about things in your new position.
3. What was your starting pay rate and what was your ending pay rate?
Answer: When you get job interview questions about your previous pay rate, your interviewer is looking for two things. The first is that they’re wanting to see if you performed your job duties well enough to earn a promotion or a pay raise. The second is to determine whether or not it’s likely that you’ll be happy with the rate they’re offering. If it’s below what you were previously making, they’ll most likely assume that you’ll be looking to leave them and find another higher-paying job in the near future. If you were making less at your previous job, they may lower the amount they’re prepared to offer you because they will assume that you will be happy with a lesser compensation package.

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  1. Meme Kompie

    Its really an informative post.These questions are the basic question which is asked by the interviewer.But everyone should have to give answer very smartly. You should have to show your weakness as your positive points.

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