Teacher Interview Questions

interview questionsWith the way the economy is, especially in the teaching profession, you must be prepared and make sure you have a competitive edge that will allow you to stand out amongst all the candidates. When interviewing for a teachers position, you have to be prepared as to what kinds of questions employers may ask you because you want your answers to flow and you want to make sure you are not pausing while coming up with your answers. If you have a passion for teaching, you should not have to think of what to say after an employer asks you a question because the answers should automatically come to you.

Teacher Interview Questions

Q: What steps have you taken toward your teacher certification?

A: Employers want to make sure you have passed and completed all of the necessary tests for your certification. These tests include your specific subject area exam, general knowledge test, and the professional exam. All three of these tests must be passed in order for you to apply for your professional teaching certification. Be sure to check out your states specific guidelines because every state is different from the other because their might be other requirements to obtain your certificate.

Q: Why do you feel you would make a good teacher?

A: You want to let them know that you can think outside the box and your teaching methods are not restricted to the textbook. By being a teacher, you are showing that you have different creative sides and will be able to teach your students different ways to solve a problem or understand what they are saying in an easier way to where they will understand it. The expression goes that it’s better to teach someone how to fish, rather than simply catch the fish for them. This means that instead of reading word for word and teaching directly from the provided textbook, you should show more passion and enthusiasm in a fashion that would allow students to use and retain knowledge. These are the teaching methods that will put you on a whole other level and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Q: What is your proudest moment you’ve experienced as a teacher?

A: This answer can vary from person to person, but they want to know that this is something you really want to do as a career. Be sure to tell them a story you have had in the past where you have helped someone to transform them into a better person. They want to know if you can take someone who needs direction and mold them into a more improved individual. Your proudest moment should be something in which interviewers can clearly tell that your passion for this particular career path is there.

Q: Describe a tough situation you have been in and how did you handle it?

A. You cannot have a proper learning environment until you first control all disciplinary matters. They want to make sure you establish your classroom expectations so that the students can follow all rules and procedures. If any of those rules are broken, the students must understand that there are consequences that go with them. By asking this question, the employer is testing you to see if you are able to have a stern voice when things get out of hand.

Q: Describe some of your methods describing classroom management skills.

A. Make sure you are listing all of your quality features such as having excellent organizational skills as well as having a sense of visuals. The employers want to know that you will be coming to class ready to teach instead of having to dig around for your items you need for that day. It is important to have all of your teaching supplies organized for the following day. Employers will find it very impressive that you have visuals at home to hang up on the walls for the subject you are applying for because having visuals makes it easier for kids to learn if they see how the subject is broken down. It also helps to have ideas ready to share with the employer of what you are planning to do to make the classroom a better learning experience for the students.

Q: How well do you work with other colleagues as part of a team?

A: The most important factor in teamwork is communication. Employers are not seeking teachers who are loners and only work well by themselves. They want to bring in dynamic and creative people who contribute to others instead of being reserved. You may have certain teaching styles that work well and can bounce ideas back and forth among your co-workers. If you were to ask another teachers opinion about an idea for a lesson plan you came up with, you have to be able to take criticism as well as learning from their suggestions. Others may have a different perspective on how to do something that you may have over looked and vice versa.

Q: What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses you have as a teacher?

A: Make sure you explain your strengths first and be very specific. You want to catch the eye of your potential employer right away so they take an immediate liking to you. You should make sure you have told them more strengths than weaknesses so they can decide whether or not you are right for the job. To really impress potential employers when you get to the weaknesses part, you can let them know one or two things you need to work on but turn your weaknesses into a positive way on how you can turn them into strengths. For example you could say that you may take longer to complete certain tasks such as lesson planning, however this is because you strive perfection and want to be thorough in your work. That will allow you to properly answer the question and at the same time put a positive spin on your weakness, because the last thing you’d want to do is tell the person interviewing you that you do not believe you have any flaws, because there is always something that could be improved.

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