Sales Interview Questions

Sales Job Interview Questions and Answers

Like most job interviews, an interview for a job in sales will begin with the typical interview questions. These interview questions will be followed up by more job-related interview questions that focus on specifically on your skills as a sales person.

Q: What type of sales do you prefer: long-term, big commission sales or short-term, small commission sales?
A: This answer will depend on the type of sales that applies to the job you’re interviewing for. You want to explain to the interviewer that although you love all types of sales, you prefer (type of sales your interviewing for). For a big commission sales job, explain how you prefer building long-term rapport and building real relationships with clients. To explain why you prefer

Q: On a regular day, how much time would you say spend with clients/customers compared to time spent in the office or doing other work?
A: Like most sales interview questions, this will depend greatly on the type of sales you are involved in and the type of sales relevant to the job you’re applying for. To be safe, a minimum of 60% of your time should be spent dealing with clients in some manner or another. Remember, you are in sales because you are good with selling products and services to people not because you are good at typing on a computer.

Q: What are your short-term sales goals? Long-term?
A: Although a more uncommon sales interview question, the short-term vs. long-term question will apply to your current or past sales job. If you haven’t had a past sales job, you won’t be asked this sales interview question (and will likely only be asked the typical interview questions and personal interview questions). Otherwise, be ready to give your objective goals here. Based on past company sales goals and your personal goals, you should go into every sales interview with your short-term and long-term goals in your head.

Q: How do you take rejection? What motivates you to continue after you face several rejections in a week?
A: Every sales person faces dry spells every once and awhile. Interviewers are fully aware of this. Your potential employer wants to ask this reason for two reasons.
1) They want to see if you are an arrogant individual who will try to convince them that you NEVER face rejections because you are so great. Don’t do this.
2) They legitimately want to know how you boost your own morale when you face rejection.

Just like everyone has their own way of handling stress, every sales person has their own way off shaking off a few rejections. Whether it is a few days away from dealing with big clients or a weekend getaway with the family, know what best suits you and be ready to answer this sales interview question. It is more important that you can answer this question with quickly and with confidence more so than the actual activity involved.

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