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Police/Sheriff Job Interview Questions & Answers

Like most job interviews, an interview for a job as a policeman will begin with the typical interview questions. These interview questions will be followed up by more job-related interview questions like the following:

Q: Tell us about your qualifications.
A: This is more of a formality interview question because your interviewers will already have this information in front of them (your resume). Answer this question in a very straightforward manner. In a timeline format, explain where you went to college, when you graduated, and when you took any qualifying police exams, such as the ACT 120. If you were a criminal justice or other applicable major, mention this as well. Your college G.P.A. (if applicable) should be on your resume, so don’t mention it unless they ask first. After briefly mentioning your education and certifications, talk about your work experience as a police officer (if applicable), as well as any awards/certifications/promotions you received during that time. Be professional and keep eye conduct and this interview question should be cake.

Q: Why do you want to be a police officer? Why did you become a police officer?
A: There are three key points that I always tell interviewees to address when on a police interview in response to this question.
1) Rewarding career
2) Enjoy helping people
3) Sense of justice

This is a very subjective question, but you want to touch on each of the above points. You want to explain that being a police officer is a rewarding job because it is not the typical 9-5 job. Instead of sitting behind a desk and just receiving a check, police officers are responsible for maintaining justice within society and helping people on a daily basis. Once you say something like that, you want to follow it up with a personal story that exemplifies the above key points and how that experience helped you determine that being a police officer was your life’s calling.

Q: Explain a situation where someone was hostile to you on the job and how you responded?
A: If you are already a police officer, use an example from your past experience on the job. If you are applying to become a police officer for the first time, use a hostile situation from other past employment or simply an off-the-job life experience. The interviewing team cares much less about the actual situation than they do how you handled it. To be frank, the interviewers don’t necessarily care if you’re story is completely true. This interview question (and police interview questions like it) are designed to see if you know how to properly handle a hostile situation. 9 times out of 10, if the potential police officer can verbalize how to handle a certain situation, they will act in the same manner should that situation arise in real life. Answer the question by explaining the situation, the individuals involved and their respective attitudes and points of view. Next, explain the manner in which you alleviated the hostile situation in great detail. Follow up the story with what you learned from the situation and how it helped you improve your handling of similar situations in the future.

Q: How do you keep in shape? What do you do outside of work?
A: Being that law enforcement is a very physical job, townships and cities are very concerned about the health and well being of their police officers. Remember, a township or city is making a long-term commitment when hiring a police officer and your physical shape is an important factor in the hiring process. A healthy police officer can stand up to the many physical aspects of the job, has promotion potential due to physical officer testing and will be much less likely to be injured on the job. For all of these reasons, your interviewers (there will likely be three to five people interviewing you for a job as a police officer) want to know that you are in good physical shape and plan to stay in good physical shape. No need to give them your workout routine on paper, but be prepared to explain the type of physical activities you engage in outside of work.

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    Whether you’re interested in being a street cop that works almost exclusively with the public, or a DARE officer that works closely with kids, there is one thing that you’ll need to accomplish before this a reality… You must pass the police oral board interview with your prospective department.

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