IT (Information Technology) Interview Questions

IT Interview Questions

IT (Information Technology) Interview Questions

Like most job interviews, an interview for a job in information technology will begin with the typical interview questions. Depending on your specific field or specialty in information technology, IT interview questions will vary. Below are some general Information Technology interview questions:

Q: Tell me about a situation where you took a risk implementing hardware or software because you believed it was the best tool for the job?
A: With any IT interview, you will likely see some variation of the above interview question. The perfect answer would demonstrate to the interviewer that you have a broad, extensive knowledge of your particular field, as well demonstrate that you are a leader in the workplace.

Q: Describe the difference between the C++ compilation process and that of Java (or of any specific programming language).
A: If you’re in the computer programming or software engineering field, you should give yourself a refresher course on the different types of programming that you will need to know for this job. Because programming is such an objective skill, you want to answer the programming-related interview question with a lot of detail and even more confidence. Unlike many job interviews, computer programming and software engineering interviews are (generally) most concerned with your abilities as a programmer than anything else.

Q: Can you explain object oriented programming? What sort of experience do you have with it?
A: Again, because information technology interview questions are going to be very objectively based, you should be able to explain not only what object oriented programming is, but any real world experience you have with it. Many IT interview questions will be similar in that they are going to test your knowledge on the specific skill set. There is no tricks to answering these type of interview questions correctly other than knowing the subject matter like the back of your hand.

Q: Your company’s .NET server goes down and your co-workers need to meet a strict deadline. Explain what you do, step-by-step, in this situation.
A: As you are probably aware, IT administrators who are responsible for company servers have a lot of responsibility on their hands. Because 99% of companies need properly working email, internet and computers to function, when the company network goes down business is at a standstill until things are operational again. The interviewer wants to know how you will handle a stress-ridden situation where co-workers and your superiors are angry and frustrated. If you are in an area of information technology that handles company databases and/or servers, you should be fully prepared to concisely answer a situational question like this. First, inform the interviewer that you will first evaluate the problem. Once the problem is determined, you will calmly inform your co-workers of the problem and an estimated time frame of when the system will be operational again. Next, you begin to technically address the problem or, if you have individuals working under you, you begin by delegating responsibilities to the technical support team. Answer this IT interview question in an easy-to-understand, outlined format and you will ace this question.

Q: Describe an IT project you worked on in a previous position and how you overcame difficulties.
A: This is an interview question that will be asked in some form on almost any type of interview, and will surely be included in most Information Technology interview questions. Although not especially difficult, this question takes some preparation. You should have at least two examples in your mind where you overcame some hardship during a past project. The most important part of this question is to display two things: 1) You can overcome difficulties in the workplace and 2) that you can do so, in a civil manner, despite opposition from co-workers/supervisors.

Q: Tell me about a difficult team member in your past employment. How did you overcome difficulties with him or her?
A: This is one of those pesky interview questions that you will be asked on almost every type of interview. A good answer will explain the difficulty that you had with a co-worker and how you both came to some sort of middle-ground to effectively complete the project at hand. Remember, never bad mouth a fellow co-worker or old supervisor – this is a sure-fire way to not get a call back.

Q: Do you work well in fast-paced environments?
A: You may or may not face this IT interview question depending on what information technology field you are in. Regardless, the answer to this question should be in the affirmative. You should continue by explaining your past work experience and how you thrived in fast-paced enbirvonments. If the question asks, “do you work better in slow-paced or fast-paced environments” you want to tailor your answer towards the job you are interviewing for. If it is a fast-paced job, tell the interviewer that you can acclimate to any type of work environment, but in the past you have thrived in fast-paced environments. Go on to explain your past experience with that type of environment. If the job is a slower-paced environment, answer in the same way but tailored to slower-paced environments.


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