Customer Service Interview Questions

Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers

Customer Service Job Interview Questions & Answers

Q: What is customer service? What is good customer service?
A: The employer wants to hear a combination of things for this answer. You want to focus your answer around customer satisfaction and knowledge of your product/service that the company sells. E.g. – “Good customer service may end at simply answering a customer’s question, but that isn’t what I practice. I believe excellent customer, and only excellent customer service, is the proper means to build a client relationship that will not only keep the individual happy but will effectively build our business as a whole through positive word-of-mouth advertising.” This may sound like a lot, but don’t try to memorize it. I could think of 10 other ways to say the same thing with less and more words if need be. The key here is to include the importance of the customers highest level of satisfaction (notice how I brought the interviewer’s question to a new level by saying ‘good customer service’ isn’t good enough).

Q: A customer comes up to you and complains about your product/service. What do you do?

A: Out of all of the customer service interview questions you may encounter on your interview, you will most likely be asked this one in some form or another. Luckily, the answer is fairly simple. You want to get across that in any situation where the customer is unhappy, you will take their complaint seriously and inspect the product or analyze the service problem to try to replicate the issue. If you find that there is a problem with the product or service, you ensure the customer that their complaint is important to you and that you will call the manager, have him/her fill out a written complaint form, or proceed with whatever the applicable company policy is.

Q: Have you ever used customer feedback to improve a company product/service? Give an example:
A: This isn’t a difficult interview question, but if you’re not expected it and prepared for it it can really throw you off. Simply think of a time when a customer gave you feedback on a product/service and you mentioned that feedback to your supervisor. If you can’t think of a time when this happened, be creative. No matter the customer service area you have worked in, I guarantee there was a time when things could have been improved.

Q: Were you ever not able to meet a deadline or expectation for a customer as promised? Explain.
A: Hint: Don’t say “No.” That is not an acceptable answers. Questions like this may sound negative, but the employer really wants to see how you think on your feet. They know that you aren’t the perfect employee, and pretending that you are is only going to make you look fake. Here’s an example anyone can use: You spoke to an unhappy customer (fill in details about why they were unhappy), either in person or on the phone, and told them you would resolve their issue. Unfortunately you could not get a hold of your supervisor/boss at the time, so you were not able to solve the customer’s problem as promised. You informed the customer that you would call them as soon as you spoke to your supervisor/boss and this issue would be resolved immediately. Fill in some extra details and be more specific and Boom. Great interview answer.

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