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How to Approach Interview Questions with the Right Attitude

Preparing for interviews is not all about rehearsing the routine typical interview questions and memorizing them; it may help you succeed that interview but it will never help you in the long run. No matter how hard you try, you will always end up with new Human Resource interview questions that you did not even prepare for. The best way to tackle those Human Resource interview questions is to enter that room with the right attitude. People who opt for memorizing have this risk of going blank the last moment.interview questions

Attitude & Interview Questions

What is the right kind of attitude for an interview? Generally people go for interviews after college or in their twenties, when they are just learning to face the real world. And they are still vulnerable and weak in personality. When an interviewee presents himself, he may lack in certain qualities but he should project himself as a person he would be in the future, not his present self. We all have certain weaknesses and the interviewers know this fact. They just want to see whether the candidate will adapt and improve upon those shortcomings or not. A candidate who succeeds an interview is never perfect, he just performs better than other candidates in a ten minute interview. Those important ten minutes need proper planning and preparation. If you are low on self-confidence but you are working on it, then project yourself as the person you will be after five years, who is confident and smart.

Many people underestimate the importance of simple HR interview questions; one example is, “Tell me about yourself.” You will be surprised that people stumble on interview questions as simple as this, even after long hours of preparation. Psychologically, people who are low on self-esteem when asked about this simple question tend to think in the following steps:

1st thought: I hate myself because I am not good. I am not fit for this company.

2nd thought: How should I lie?

They end up with two lines, that is already on their resume. Low self esteem is common and can be tackled. Therefore it becomes important to change your view about yourself before convincing the experienced HRs. Always try to include things in your introduction that are not on your resume. Tell them about your hobbies, interests, your goal in life, etc.

Always see the positive side of things. And remember, you can take time to think before you speak. Whenever the interviewer asks your view about an issue, try to think about the positive solution. Be unconventional, think out of the box.

If you are already employed, never ever criticize your present job, be ready with a good reason for leaving your job, but never criticize your past seniors. Your resume is an important part of your job application. Make sure that it is not copied and you mean everything that is written in your CV. If you have stated you are hard-working, be ready to demonstrate your quality. If you have listed reading as one of your hobbies, you should be ready with your favorite book and author; even your favorite story and the reason why it is your favorite. Never lie about your hobbies, there is a one in fifty chance that the interviewer may share your so called hobby and passion. Remember: Approach your interview questions with confidence, be yourself and be positive.


  1. Joseph@DentalInsurance

    I see potential candidates let their attitude trip them up all the time. You have to come prepared and holding your head high. Great post, thank you!

  2. Travel Uruguay

    yes, Attitude is an important issue during interview session. ok you have answer properly but they follow your Attitude too

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